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Inspired people, new ideas, innovation and exciting performance are the lifeblood of theatre practice in Aotearoa New Zealand.

BATS Theatre’s Purpose/Kaupapa is to provide a supportive, professional and accessible theatre venue that fosters the development of practitioners, audiences and New Zealand performance work.

BATS theatre is a presenter venue staging an annual programme to its audience. Our programme aims to develop live performance practitioners, audiences and new theatre works from Aotearoa New Zealand, presenting the best of cutting edge and experimental theatre from New Zealand and overseas. Many of these works go on tour and become national hits and even if the shows don’t continue on, the actors, writers, producers, designers and directors do.

As a presenting venue we are reliant on co-operatives wanting to produce works at BATS. These co-operatives are driven by artists, producers and already established theatre companies who submit scripts or proposals for us to consider in our programming.

Fundamental to BATS is the maintenance of low ticket prices and a share/risk policy between the theatre & co operatives which ensures that we remain New Zealand’s most accessible professional theatre for both audiences and practitioners – we want going to the Theatre to be as easy and accessible as going to the movies!

Ticket prices average around: $15 to $20 for waged persons, and $12 to $15 for unwaged persons.

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My Accomplice and BATS Theatre in association with Goldthorpe Creative present Hannah Banks, Miranda Manasiadis, Paul Waggott and Jason Whyte in the STAB season of WATCH by Uther Dean & Meg Rollandi We can see you. We can see everything you do. Every minute boring detail of your lives. We observe, record, report, and repeat. Every moment of every day. Don't worry. It’s all for your own good. Trust us. Not that you have a choice. CAST: Hannah Banks, Miranda Manasiadis, Paul Waggott, Jason Whyte TEAM: Uther Dean, Debbie Fish, David Goldthorpe, Brianne Kerr, Keely McCann, Gavin McGibbon, Marcus McShane, Meg Rollandi, Andrew Simpson, Tane Upjohn-Beatson, Nick Zwart MY ACCOMPLICE: The theatre collective My Accomplice was formed in late 2009 by Hannah Banks, Uther Dean and Paul Waggott upon completion of their BAs at Victoria University. The three have been involved in numerous shows and have worked with some of Wellington's most exciting young theatre makers. The artistic goal of My Accomplice is to make work about the things that interest us and others our age, using forms that entertain us. We are making the theatre that we, the younger theatre community, want to go to. We want to activate our audiences and we believe that the only way to make something for other people it to make something for ourselves. We find interest in the common micro-absurdities of everyday living. We want to define the barriers between people and we want to create works where everyone involved owns a piece of that work.